Hirosaki Park Smart Glasses Guide tour

Enjoy the cherry blossoms and snow scenery of Hirosaki Park at any season!

  • Course

    Fujita Memorial Garden → Otemon Gate → Inner South Gate → Gejobashi Bridge → Hirosaki Castel Tower → Honmaru Observatory → Butokuden Lounge※Staff acccompanied
  • Hours

    ①10:30AM〜 ②2:00PM〜 Time required: approx. 70mins※Please contact us to to discuss your requests regarding time and duration.
  • Fees

    JPY1,000/person (tax inclusive) Recommended to 12yrs +※Age under 12yrs requires a guardian's permission.
  • Languages

    Japanese, English, French, Chinese (Mandarin), Korean, Thai

Hirosaki Park Drone video

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Smart Glass guide tour
offers you..

The visual experience of enjoying Hirosaki Park with the most beautiful cherry blossoms scenery in Japan, 360-degree panorama clips, history of Hirosaki City, plus actual guide to Hirosaki Park's recommended spots.

STARTFujita Memorial GardenInstructions on equipment
1Otemon GateThe history of
Hirosaki City
2Inner South GateFour seasons of
Hirosaki Castle
3Gejobashi BridgeStone wall renovation
Hirosaki Castel Tower
Relocation of
Castle Tower
Footage of
Hirosaki City
GOALButokuden LoungeReturn the equipment
→ dismiss

About Smart Glasses

●The equipment you will be using during the guide tour is the smart glasses produced by Seiko Epson Corporation.

●Smart glasses are wearable digital device that provides display of virtual reality.

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